Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Some helpful info to help you out!

There are definite perks to being part of a techno geek family! One of them is being able to ask your husband just about anything you want to know about the internet, and he has the answers! Here's my latest question and the answer that I thought you might find helpful and interesting. It didn't take a rocket science to figure it out, but I wasn't sure what to google to find the right websites...enter my knight in shining armor!

There are some very helpful websites to aid in wading through the email warnings you get. There are some really sick people in the world who are willing to do whatever to scam you...who's not aware of all the phishing expeditions people go on!?! But there are also some very well-intentioned people who send on fake warnings or promises of riches from huge companies that are absolutely not true! I've included some websites Brent suggested that will tell you whether or not the email is valid. They all seem to want you to subscribe to their site for a fee, but you can search for free. They'll give you the info you want without a subscription. Two user-friendly, don't need a degree in computer science, websites to use include:

Hope this info helps! I plan on using these sites often, mostly out of curiosity than trying to make millions from Microsoft!

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Hairgrove's Hangout said...

Hey - thank your hubby for the insite. It's always good to have the "back ups" to check things out. Hope you are feeling well. The "Autumn" pics of your kids are sooooo pretty and I truly miss that part of NBBC. Today I sat out in the sun and got some good ole vitamin D. Take care. Love ya