Sunday, October 01, 2006

I'm all for being unique, but perhaps I should not encourage this!

Hannah decided that her capris and t-shirt were not unique enough the other day, so she decided she would add her own touches to her wardrobe. Yes...those are striped capris, a polka-dot skirt, her slip, a hot pink long sleeved t-shirt and a sweater! She was quite proud of herself when she came into my room to show me her latest design! Daniel and I got a kick out of it...You know you're into blogging when your kids suggest putting something like this on our blog!


The Horaks said...

She is definitely a fashion guru in the making! ;) Love the outfit!

carissa said...

great outfit Hannah. Ask mommy if you can wear that to church :) I love the fall pics too! We're going to try to get a family picture here soon before the leaves fall....good intentions anyway!

Marsel said...

I love a girl with her own fashion sense. ;-)

TheHarrisons said...

Hannah -- You look just fine! Don't let Daniel and Mommy laugh! We think you are as adorable as always:)

Aunt Sheri & Lauren Bailey!