Friday, November 03, 2006

My view of eternity refreshed!

I received news today that a friend of mine passed away from cancer. I've been reminded over and over again as of late how fleeting this earth is and how eternal heaven is. I know that's not a profound statement by any means, but it's been driven home again today in my thinking as I grasp the understanding that this dear lady is walking with Christ in a completely different way today. How precious it will be to see our Savior face to face and to fully understand the wonder of His love when we get to go to heaven. Oh that I would live with that thought more and more each day. What a privilege it is to know that we will someday get to go to heaven. That's really what our earthly life is to be about...investing for that one day when we can see our Lord! But how distracted I often become with the cares of this world!

One a completley different note, I had a doctor's appointment this morning. I was talking with the doctor about how big I am getting. He was very reassuring (much unlike the "stupid polish doctor man" I had in Chicago--who was a very good doctor, but had the bedisde manner of a bedpan!!!) and simply said that most women feel that way around this time in their pregnancy. But as he measured me, he agreed that I am getting bigger than most and ordered an ultrasound to see how big the baby is! It's exactly that same as it was with Hannah. We were not completely sure with her first ultrasound that she was a girl and ended up with a second ultrasound due to my size that confirmed that she was indeed a girl! So we're hoping that on Nov 15 we'll be able to confirm whether or not we are having a girl! If you remember, at 20 weeks we were only about 85-90% sure that she was a girl!

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