Thursday, November 30, 2006

These are some of the greatest gifts ever!!! Grandma and Grandpa Griffin brought Daniel and Hannah's Christmas gifts with them when they came to visit for Thanksgiving. They bought each of them a Razor Scream Machine. It's a metal heavy-duty throwback to the big wheels we all played with as kids. It's adjustable so it should fit up to a 12 year old! Daniel's so excited that he can ride it without having to turn the front wheel around to keep his knees from hitting the handlebars! And it comes with a cool handbrake, just like a didn't take Daniel very long to figure out to spin out into a 180 everytime he stopped! And I do want to draw attention to Hannah...she's all girl...notice the pearls and ribbons on her gloves? It wasn't warm enough for her to be out without gloves, but it was too warm for her to wear her winter gloves, so her church gloves came out (and ended up being ruined in the process!) I thought it was a perfect testament to our Hannah...trying to keep up with Daniel by being rough and tumble, while wearing her pretty pink pearly gloves! That's my girl!

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