Thursday, December 07, 2006

Christmas--the Perfect Time for a Picnic!

The other night we had a great time at our picnic under the Christmas Tree! We turned out all the lights in the house and ate pizza on a blanket in front of the tree. Then we played, "Who can find the ornament that..." It was a sort of "I Spy" that the kiddos came up with! It was fun to see them get more and more creative with their hints about what ornament they were describing, and then they would race around to see if they could be the first to find it. It was a great family time! I think we may have found a new Griffin tradition...
It's not often I'll post a picture of myself on the blog, and this is not even a great one at that! That'll teach me not to wear makeup, heh? But I love this one of Brent, especially. I think it captures a side of him that most people never get to see...there's that little glint of something mischievous in his eye that says there's a lot more goofiness under the surface than most would ever imagine! I'm so thankful for my man the Lord gave me...there were so many single girls in our singles' group where we met...why he chose me, I still don't understand, but I'm so glad he did! I can't imagine life without him!


Marsel said...

Those are the moments that your kids will remember all their lives...and will probably always give you warm fuzzies, too. :-)
Congratulations (a bit late, I know) on eight years for you and Brent, too -- doesn't it seem like forever...and yet at the same time just a tiny sliver of time?!

Erin Neiner said...

Thanks for posting a picture of you two!!! You both look GREAT!! You don't even have that TIRED look...yet! ;) I remember the time you and Brent had your first "real" talk in the parking lot after some church thing, I think (centurion classic?). I remember you started talking more and more about Brent and then the twinkle in the eye came...and that was it!!! The rest is history! He is a such a great guy...praise the Lord for awesome, godly husbands...and for the Lord NOT giving us what we THINK we may want...but that which is far beyond our expectations and wildest dreams!!! ;)

Love Ya.

p.s. I just saw an awesome idea you could totally do...being the great quilter that you are. It's a memory quilt that you add a square at a time to each year at Christmas time. You could also do it for special events so it adds up quicker (each holiday, b-day, new baby! etc.) or each kid could have their own. But each kid could "design" a square or pick out a speical memory to exemplify momma could sew it together. It seemed like an heirloom in the making and a fun tradition to look forward to. I think I may take a shot at it.

p.p.s. sorry this is such a long comment! but i NEVER mind comments on my blog, especially nice long ones!!!

[hint, hint...jk]

Erin Neiner said...

Could you email me your address. I don't seem to have it!
thanks. E.

Anonymous said...

I know I get to see you every week at church, but it's still fun that you put a picture of you and your hubby on the blog! You are such a cute couple! :) I like the picnic under the Christmas tree idea. Baby Sarah is so lucky to have such a sweet family!

Congrats on a dishwasher! That is SO wonderful!