Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What in the World has happened to me?!?

As I reflect over the past 2 years, I am amazed by many things that are now part of our ordinary lives that I never dreamed would be considered normal for me...and those of you who know me best will totally understand what I mean as you read this list I've compiled...things about MY LIFE that I never thought would be part of MY life!!!

• I go to another state to do any sort of shopping for things that I need.
• The majority of that shopping is done only at Walmart...not even a Target...Walmart! I walked up to a total stranger not too long ago because I overheard them talking about Iron Mountain getting a Target! I had to have details!!! It turned out to be an urban legend or evil hoax of some sort to get my hopes up!
• I have not been to a real mall to speak of since the beginning part of October. I did a ton of shopping like I did before we moved when we visited Chicago the first part of November, but technically did not hit the mall when we were visiting! And let me remind you that Christmas has come and gone...and all the amazing sales that come the day after Thanksgiving, and the day after Christmas and New Year's Day came and went without me...all the shopping was done on the internet and in good ol' Iron Moutain, Mi--sigh...
• And while we're on that topic...all the shopping and other internet activity is done over a very slow dial-up connection since we live in an area where high speed is not easily available!
• Pembine, the town we live in, has ZERO stoplights!
• Pembine, the town we live in, is 98.9% caucasion and actually speaks English!
• I know the difference between a bobcat and a cougar, also known as a mountain lion
• I can tell you the difference between coyote and wolf tracks in the snow in our back yard in April!
• The lobby of the post office here in Pembine (we're thankful we have one!) is about the size of our bathroom
• The post master knows everyone by name--I walked into the post office recently and the lady asked me if my husband's name was Brent. She had a check for him that had accidentally gotten put in the outgoing mail instead of the inner-campus mail. She didn't even ask me for ID...just handed over the check!
• In the winter time when it gets really cold, people plug their cars in so they'll start...we should start seeing extension cord looking things hanging out of people's front grills anytime now!
• When it gets really cold, people will leave their cars running while they go shopping at Walmart.'s not unusual at all to see empty cars in Walmart's parking lot with their engines running! Imagine that in Chicago?!?
• People around here have no problem living in a tiny single wide mobile home but insist on having a 4-5 car garage for all their toys like snowmobiles, RTV's, campers, etc.
• I don't even notice (well almost don't notice) when people use phrases like "Yoos Guys" and end every sentence with either "heh?" or "Yah?" I've even been known to use those words from time to time!
• We burn a good amount of our garbage to save money!
• I let my kids outside to play without going with them! And my biggest concern for their safety is making sure they know what to do if they see a wild animal like a bear or wolf.
• I actually bought my kids safety orange hats so they could play outside the week of hunting season
• I know where the Ranger Station is in our town, and I've had several conversations with our Ranger about my children's safety
• The nearest Chili's is about 2 hours away
• One of our bank accounts only has 4 numbers in the account number...think about that one...they have so few customers with savings accounts that 4 numbers provide enough variations to cover all their customers! We had like 12 numbers or something in Chicago!
• The people here are so incredibly friendly! I can't tell you how wonderful that part is! We're living in Mayberry here, people!

However...I refuse to become a Packer's Fan, I have yet to go fishing, see absolutely nothing exciting about hunting or ice fishing, and if I don't get some "Mall Air" soon, I do think I will seriously suffer some sort of attack!

Sorry for such a long post...hope it didn't bore you too much, but once I got started, I was on a roll!!!


Tracy said...

Debbie, Three more weeks! I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your new baby. With everything you listed, I can say I miss living in such a small town. Though hopefully we will be moving back to one is a few weeks.

Erin Neiner said...

Was this whole Northland move some kind of evil money-saving plan of Brent's??????? :)

I feel your pain! Although we did just get a Target this last year and I have to say it has revolutionized my shopping!

Erin Neiner said...

Deb---I totally forgot you had Ryan! I do remember that about Megan now being the only girl in her class!! Ryan is heading up to Maranatha next week to finish his financing degree. He's in his 2nd semester sophomore year. By the way, your kids are soooo lucky to have such an incredible homeschooling mom to teach them!!!!

Leslie in Illinois said...

I am impressed at your wildlife knowledge. We saw a dog-like creature in our backyard a few years ago and still discuss whether or not it was a wolf, coyote, fox, or ugly stray. No Target? Hmmmmmm.not sure how I'd react to that one. How about a Starbucks?? Somehow I think you are laughing or asking "What's a Starbucks!" Miss you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Philippians 4:11 - whatsoever 'state' I am, therewith to be content.

Jill King said...

Remember how good we had it at 1137 Florence, Apt. C??? Are you able to keep your MI Christmas tree viable until Valentines Day in your current climate?? =)