Monday, January 01, 2007

Yippeee Skipeee!!!!

I was lying (laying? I have never been able to remember the correct grammar for that one!) in bed last night moaning and groaning as I tried to roll over and had a fun thought...I'm in the 3 week countdown now! Technically I have 4 weeks until my due date, but one could be technical and say that I only have 3 weeks and 6 days! 4 weeks is so much longer than 3 weeks and 6 days! 4 weeks sounds like a whole month (that's profound, heh?!?) but being able to say 3 weeks to go sounds so short! I'm loving it!

We were sitting in a restaurant booth yesterday, when Baby Sarah started kicking...hard! Now remember...I only have 3 weeks and 6 days I went to sit down I'm sure all of those around me wondered if I'd even be able to fit in the booth! But I did...I just needed to make sure I hunched over a bit to keep my belly under the table :-) Somehow Sarah managed to kick just the right way that she pinched the skin of my belly up against the table and it hurt like crazy! It was such a bizarre the pain you get if someone pinches that fat part on the back of your arm...just another one of those reminders that those 3 weeks and 6 days cannot get here soon enough! :-)

Happy New Year!

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