Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Daniel gets baptized!

Daniel made a profession of faith a while back while he was attending a NBT program at a local church. We were fairly confident that he was saved, but rejoiced when he was adament about needing to be baptized. Brent talked with him on several different occasions from the Bible about why a person should be baptized, and Daniel showed as clear of an understanding as one can show. Our church does not have a baptism tank, so we have to head to a lake about once or twice a year to baptize people. There were 15 people that were baptized this time! It was an exciting time to see young people openly profess Christ as their Savior and a desire to live for Him. It was also a great thing to see many adults baptized--the Lord has been working in some great ways in our little church!
Each of the people getting baptized had to share their salvation testimony with the group of people gathered. It was a special thing to see our little boy, who used to be so shy and quiet (quite a long time ago now, it seems!), so boldly speak of his decision to follow Christ.
One of the neat things our church does is allow the dads to baptize their children or anyone who has discipled the person getting baptized. It was special for Brent to be able to baptize Daniel as his earthly father and spiritual brother. Here Brent and Daniel are watching other people get baptized. They had to go so far out to get deep enough so this is the best picture I could get!
Daniel is ready for Brent to "bury him in the likeness of His death..." Notice the speed boat in the background? One of the downsides of baptizing at a public lake on one of the last nice weekends of the summer!

We praise the Lord for our children. It is our sincere desire and prayer for them to live for the Lord with every ounce of their being from as early of an age as possible. It's quite a sobering thing to realize that they are growing up and our time to train them Biblically is ticking away.

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The Horaks said...

It was so neat to see Daniel get baptized! I thought he did such a great job speaking in front of all those people! And, I have to admit, I cried when Brent baptized him...I don't know, I guess I'm just so emotional about sweet moments like that! Very special!