Tuesday, September 04, 2007

First Day of School!

Ready to go, but first we had to stop and get pictures of the first day of school! I'm not sure who's more excited, the kids or Mommy!!!
Daniel's starting 3rd grade. We've homeschooled up to this point so I'm a bit concerned about the transition to a traditional classroom. He seems to have survived the first week of school without getting in trouble. He was even disappointed that he didn't get to go to school on Labor Day--didn't bother to tell him how disappointed I was, too, that they didn't get to to go to school!
When I expressed remorse at my little girl growing up and leaving me for kindergarten, Hannah consoled me with, "It's okay, Mommy, we can still play together in the afternoon. I'll only be gone for the mornings!"
Yes...I know this pic is blurry...just imagine that it's how I saw it--through my tears--both of joy and sadness! :-)
We had sucha fun time picking out back packs! We had to open up every single option and see what it looked like on the inside before Hannah chose this princess one. The deciding factor was that this one came with a lunch bag that velcros onto the backpack for her snack for snack time! I'd like to think there might be an ounce of her daddy's practicality in her, but I'm pretty sure she's got most of my "It's all about how it looks over function" in her! Daniel however is most like Brent and chose his based on how much he could get in it and how durable it would be. His big decision was finding a good color--he is his Daddy's boy for sure!


The Horaks said...

Aw, the kids both look so cute! That's great they're loving it so much! I can only imagine the excitement over picking out school supplies and backpacks. I remember I always liked to look for 'hidden' pockets in backpacks...I suppose I wanted a place where I could hide my 'treasures' (whatever those were, Ha!)!

Loraena said...

they look so cute and excited. How is it going? Do they like school so far?