Wednesday, September 05, 2007

What all my children do best!

The other day I decided to take this video to post for all the family that lives far away to show them how Sarah is growing and rolling over like crazy to get wherever she wants. As I was previewing it, I realized that I managed to capture all 3 of our kids doing what they do best or at least what they do most! Daniel is playing his gameboy...pretty much oblivious to everything else--occasionally looking up to see if anything interesting is happening. Sarah is rolling all around the living room and coughing on demand. And then there's Hannah--at my elbow, copying just about everything I say, doing just about everything I do. "How sweet!" some of you might be saying, but let me remind you that she's right at my elbow...most of the time, saying everything I say...most of the time! Yes, it's sweet, but come have to know, no matter how cute she may be, that gets a bit old after a while! She's definitely my little shadow!
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Marsel said...

These are all precious moments...! Love the fake cough; where'd she get the drama gene from, Brent?! :-)

Elissa said...

That was awesome. What else can she do on command? :) That video made me miss you guys even more! Love you all!

Erin Neiner said...

This just cracked me up! You really did catch them all doing their thing!! So, so cute!!