Thursday, September 27, 2007

He really does delight in talking with us...Amazing!

So I'm sitting here reflecting on something I just read...I often journal during my quiet time with the Lord since it really helps me put coherent thoughts I thought I'd blog it instead...

Dr. Olson just sent out an email to all the staff here at Northland encouraging us to be faithful in our prayer lives. He talked about how God delights in us coming to him. I was reminded of a great picture of this that made it all real to me. You'll have to excuse the emotional musings of a mother...

When I was in the hospital room after I had given birth to Sarah, I was waiting for our children to come and see her for the first time. I knew they were on their way and had been eagerly waiting for them to make their appearance and meet Sarah for the first time after nine months' wait and anticipation. I'll never forget that twinge of excitement I felt as I heard them timidly knock on my hospital room door because I was going to be able to show them such an exciting thing that I knew would please them so much! The awe and wonder they had on their faces as they made their way ever so quietly over to my bed where I was holding their tiny baby sister is forever burned in my mind. I wanted to so much for them to sit and talk with me and let them see this amazing gift I had to share with them. That time together was priceless...I wouldn't trade it for anything! The way we looked at her little toes together and the intrigue they displayed over her umbilical cord and their gigles of delight at Sarah grasping onto their fingers...Daniel and Hannah both were wanting to soak it all in with such an unusually hushed excitement.

What a tiny picture of what our prayer time with the Lord could be like! He is waiting for us to come to Him...when He hears us drawing near to Him the Bible teaches that He draws near to us. He delights in sitting and talking with us and wants to show us amazing things that we have no clue about. That sweet time of fellowship is something we should look forward to, just like Daniel and Hannah were looking forward to coming in and fellowshipping with Baby Sarah for the first time. He wants to sit with us and share things with us that He knows will please us and encourage us. He's sitting there waiting for us to peak our heads into the room and come before His throne. He's waiting for that little knock and to hear us say, Lord...can I come in...I have something I want to talk with you about; I want to see what special things You have to show me today. We can display such wonder over his character and attributes, and sit in hushed tones as we wonder in awe over His majesty and unmatched glory.

I'm a word picture kind of girl...the next time I go to the Lord for my personal time with Him. I'll be picturing myself knocking on the door and hearing the Lord say, "Yes...come in! I have been waiting for you...I have something wonderful I want to share with you!" And I will walk over to His bed and curl up next to Him and talk with Him and let Him show me what He has for me to learn about Himself. I'll sit in wonder and awe at how mighty He is and hopefully leave His presence with a renewed sense and desire to change whatever He pointed to in my life and become more like His precious Son than I ever thought possible! How thankful I am that we have a relationship with our heavenly Father who delights in spending time us and doing things for us as only a Parent could!

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Marsel said...


Parenting, like nothing else I have ever experienced, constantly gives me such insight (however limited) into my relationship with our heavenly Father!

Thanks for sharing.