Thursday, June 08, 2006

Aren't they a bit young for this?

I've had a couple of those sappy hallmark moments recently and wanted to share them...

The other day I was talking with Daniel and told him to tell someone that "Mommy had said..." He looked at me quite innocently and said, "Can I say 'Mom'?" And we were writing a note to Brent from the kids and myself and signed it Daniel, Hannah, and Mommy. He asked me to cross out the "-my" and have it say "Mom" instead! He's only 6 but doesn't want to call me Mommy any more!!!

And Hannah the other day said to me when I was fixing her hair, "No, Mommy...I don't like it like that!" And then yesterday she said, "Mommy, can you make me look cute?" (meaning she wanted 2 little pig tails instead of the one pony tail I was putting in) Isn't 4 a bit too young to have an opinion about how I do her hair?!?

Perhaps I'm just getting a bit sappy about my kids growing up all of a sudden! Talk about feeling old!

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Joey Markham said...

Just wait 'till they get up to my age :P

I've been goin' around town lookin' for a job this week. Fun stuff.