Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Hannah's Latest Passion

Our sweet little Hannah has taken up coloring, and do we mean taken up coloring! I found this little desk (and a yellow one for Daniel) at a garage sale recently thinking they would use them in the car while we took road trips. However, Hannah carries hers everywhere! She loves keeping her coloring books and crayons (except for the ones she keeps in her purse which is always next to her and her desk) in the side pockets. She takes it out to the swing set, the front porch, the car, the garage...and tries to sneak coloring is whenever possible...here she is right after her bath! She started out making everything one color, but has since progressed to making everything as colorful as possible. Her favorite thing to say to me lately is, "Mommy will you teach me to color like you?" Who can resist? And it has provided some great one on one time with her. Tonight we sat and colored together and sang and talked about God being so good to us. With precious times like this, who can't help but stop and praise God for being so good! Now if only I could fit under the desk like she does! :-)

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