Monday, June 26, 2006

Bowling never took so long!

It was taking forever for the ball to make it down the lane so the kids loved having the ramp to help their ball build up some momentum. Daniel was actually doing okay without it, but he liked aiming it much like you would on a video game!

Hannah and Daniel used a 9 pound was almost more than Hannah could handle. She started out wanting Brent to help her, but when she realized Daniel was doing it without help, she decided she was big enough to do it without help, too! "Daddy, can I go up by myself?" Miss Independent, I tell ya!

Hannah started out pushing the ball between her was taking around 40 seconds for her ball to make it down the lane. It was going so slowly by the time it got to the pins, the ball was barely able to knock them down! But she patiently waited each time until the ball made it down to the pins. I wonder where she picked up the hands on her hips thing?!?

Daddy's little princess! We had such a great time....Northland gave everyone certificates for 2 hours of bowling, free shoes, etc. that the bowling ally in town donated to the college. We had a great time...and the best was free :-) Well, the best part may have actually been bowling with children and having an excuse to use the gutter guards! For the first time in my life...the gutter queen had a gutter free game and actually broke 100!!! Clearly, shopping is much more my thing than any sort of sport!

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TheHarrisons said...

WOW! Bowling looks like fun! We are going bowling Friday night with some friends. I hope we have as much fun as you did...the ramp looks cool!

See you soon!

Love, Aunt Sheri