Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Arghhh Matey!

Tonight is Pirate Night at Kids' Club at our church. The kids loved having pirate costumes. Well, the littlest pirate wouldn't keep her hat on, but it really wasn't for the nursery kids. They were all running around the house yelling, "Arghh, Matey" and seeing what cool things they could do with their hook. Of course it didn't take Daniel long to figure out he could use his hook as a stylus for his DS.

A fun thing the Lord did for us...Daniel tore the knees in his only pair of jeans that fit. I've been looking for his size, but since he's a slim, they're very hard to find around here. I even looked when we went to the ladies' conference and couldn't find anything on sale. I had talked with the Lord about it and asked Him to give me a pair at the right price and help me know what was the right price. I found nothing! BUT, the next day our pastor's wife walked up to me at church and said, "What size pants does Daniel wear?" I told her 10 slim...she handed me a pair of jeans that her son had outgrown! Talk about letting me know!!! The Lord literally dropped them in my lap! Little thing I know, but still a wonderful reminder that the Lord is so good and provides for our needs and the extras like jeans!

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Marsel and family said...

They're very cute pirates, although Daniel has a pretty good scary-pirate face going on!