Sunday, October 26, 2008

miscellaneous pics

We went outside to play the other day, and Sarah took off like a shot! I couldn't figure out where she was headed, but soon realized it was the fire pit! She had such fun down there the other night that she wanted to go back!
For some reason she could not understand the idea that we were NOT going to start a fire. She insisted someone build a fire! Needless to say, she was quite determined, but we still did not have a fire!Sad to think about, but cold weather has arrived in our neck of the woods! We celebrated by getting out the winter church coats. I was relieved to see that Hannah's still fits from last year's Ebay find. And she was thrilled to get to dress up like Little Red Riding Hood again this year.I'm so thankful I gave some of my favorite things of Hannah's to my sister for her daughter...she held on to them so I still have some of them for Sarah. It brings back such memories to see Sarah in Hannah's things, and Hannah loves to see how small her clothes used to be! Unfortunately, Sarah hardly stands still long enough for a picture so I can't get good shots of many of the things for you to see. Much to my surprise, Sarah loves her hat, too, and wants to leave it on. Now if she would only leave her hairbows in!


David said...

Wait! I see flip-flop toes in the fire pit. And I was almost feeling sorry for you this afternoon!! Great to chat~

David said...

Sorry, should have signed that last post...