Friday, October 31, 2008

I Love You cake

One of the things I do from time to time is make what we call "I love you cakes." There's no special occasion, just wanting my kids to know I love them. I made one today while they were at school in honor of the beautiful fall weather we're having these last couple of days. It's 65 degrees here right now which is a warm welcome from the snow that we started the school week with. We've got about 5 more days of this weather according to the forecast and then we're back to snow...real snow! I got this idea for the pumpkin cake from the internet --it's a bundt cake with a frosted ice cream cone in the middle--so simple and turned out great!


Marsel and family said...

What a cool idea for a cake -- I love it!

The "I love you cake" idea is a great one, too...our lives as moms are so busy that's it's too easy to forget to seize hold of those memorable moments of enjoying the mommy days...and they are so fleeting!

David said...

so how come IIII never got an i love you cake in all of our years together?????? =) very cute idea (the cake, that is)!