Friday, January 04, 2008

Around the house...

It's hard to believe that Sarah is just a couple of weeks shy of one year old! I was posing her for a picture to go in her "Baby's First Christmas" ornament and couldn't believe how big she looks! But then again she is big! She's crawling like a banshee (a word taken from my father-in-law--still not quite sure what that means, but I'll figure it out once I get my "little-red-wagon-fixed!) and standing at all the furniture. She's not quite cruising the furniture yet, but the other two kiddos didn't start walking until 14 and 15 months, so I'm not expecting too much from her--she is after all my daughter and coordination has never been my forte!

We've been pretty cold around here lately...happy to get into the double digits, but we're in for a warm spell this weekend with forecasted highs in the 40's! So Brent and the kids went sleigh riding for a bit after school today. Hannah fell off right away, but Brent and Daniel made it down the hill intact.

Look at where I get to live!!! For all of our family in the country in Ohio, this is not that big of a deal, but for all our friends living in the city, I'm sure you'll understand! Even after 3 years, I'm still amazed at times at how happy I am living as a country girl...truly a testament of God's grace making me content in His also helps to know that our friends, the Alberts, who live just minutes from where we used to live in Chicago also had a coyote in their yard! Perhaps they're taking over the world and we don't realize it yet...the coyotes, that is, not the Alberts! My sister bought Daniel a tent for's meant for outdoor use, but given the current weather conditions it's found it's way to our living room. They've spent a lot of time playing with their new toys while sitting the tent.

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The McKees said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Is that a beard on your husband?!

And see, I told you that the country is a wonderful place to be...:-)