Saturday, January 19, 2008


I let Daniel and Hannah choose what cake they thought Sarah would like best from Family Fun's website, and they chose this doll cake. It was much easier than I thought--baking the base in my Pampered Chef Batter Bowl. It wasn't nearly as difficult as I imagined making clothes for the doll from frosting either. Notice the earrings and necklace with matching hairbow? I put those on to humor Hannah. The doll pick came with holes in her ears for earrings, and guess what? We don't happen to have Barbie sized earrings sitting around our house, so I had to get creative. She was pleased with the results and wanted to know who was going to get to eat them! Sarah didn't notice the accessories, but she did notice the cake was within reach, and she went for it! I was secretly happy they chose this cake...I always wanted one as a little girl!

It didn't take her long to dig into her cake, and true to "kid form" she went for all the icing first!

But it didn't take her long to figure out that the cake was really good, too! She was shoveling it in like a pro!
By the end she was playing in it more than eating it...I let her squish it around for a while, but then put a stop to it before it caused electrical issues by getting into the outlet above! wasn't quite that messy...but only because I stopped her...she was definitely trying to figure out what else she could do with the fist fulls of cake since her tummy was full...Brent's engineering mind, my creativity...we're in for it!


The Horaks said...

LOVE the cake! It's adorable! Happy Birthday to Sarah! She's such a cutie!


Marsel & all said...

The cake is so cute, great job! I've always wanted to try my hand at one of those, I can feel my reative juices flowing...!

Sarah is starting to look more toddler than happens so fast, doesn't it?!

Marsel & all said...

whoops, that should be "creative", not "reative"...sigh...

Marsel & all said...

Okay, I just HAD to come back and leave another comment...this morning I showed Abigail the pictures of Sarah's cake, and Abigail went nuts -- she immediately started to beg for a "princess cake" for her birthday. I reminded her that it's a long time until her birthday (March), but she keeps coming to me and saying "It's two o'clock, that means it's time for my birthday!"

So thanks for the inspiration...I think we have our birthday theme picked out!