Monday, January 14, 2008

This and That

So Dr. Olson changed the rule at Northland about no facial hair. The faculty and staff can have beards now, but they have to grow them over a break so they don't look all scruffy in the classroom. He changed the rule just before Christmas Break. It was comical how many men have grown beards and what not! It was the big joke during inservice this last week, trust me! Dr. Olson said that we were all going to take a vote at the end of inservice to see who gets to keep them!

Brent had a gotee before we met, so I had never seen him with one. He decided to grow one to see what I thought. I didn't mind it, but I must say I did like him with a full beard better. He has since shaved it, though, because it wasn't worth the extra trouble, not because he was "voted off!"

I had to catch a quick shot of this...they were actually playing very well together, until I took the picture that is! As soon as Hannah realized I was watching she started whining about Sarah being in her way...just couldn't stand to leave well enough alone, could I?!?


Marsel & all said...

Wow, you posted again!!! :-) You made my day!

Anonymous said...

Dr.olson changing the rules. I guess kelly crulle won. Never thougth I would see the day.