Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I'll be back someday...maybe! :-)

Yes, Marsel...I'm still alive...I'm just so far behind on the blog thing that I'm a bit overwhelmed and don't know where to start...much like my diet! :-) I might just skip everything from the past month and move on with a resolve to do better posting. I know several family members back in Ohio check often to see what's happening with the kiddos (Hi, Great Grandma and Great Aunt Rosemary!) So I will try to do better...if it makes things any better, I didn't get Christmas cards sent out this year...please don't take me off your list...I love getting them and even sending them when I can get a family picture taken that doesn't have Sarah crawling away from every pose I put her in--The one little curl at the base of her neck just isn't as cute as her little nose all wrinkled up as she smiles! Hard to believe she's only 15 days from her first birthday! This past year has flown!!!

I'm making a resolution to do better at blogging...and we all know how well I do with resolutions--enjoy the next 3 posts because I'll have fallen off the blog wagon by then :-)

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Marsel said...

Like you said, just start fresh...that's what a new year is all about, right?

Don't worry about being taken off of our Christmas card can't get rid of me THAT easily!

But seriously, I have missed you -- this is such a great way to still feel connected to friends who are far away. So my nagging was motivated because I miss you, friend!