Friday, January 25, 2008

Now I'm all inspired...oh great!

One of the down sides to sewing is realizing how much cheaper things would cost if you made them instead of buying them in the store. It can, if I were to let it, take some of the fun out of shopping because you realize how much the fashion industry is making at our expense. So I really try not to think about it especially since I don't get to hit the malls very much anymore...not much can dampen my spirits when I'm breathing in mall air!

This really hit home when we took the kids to Build A Bear over Thanksgiving break, and I saw how much they were charging for clothes for these silly bears! Hannah and Daniel had saved and saved their money to be able to buy bears with outfits so we let them each buy one outfit. But the bigger mistake came when I mentioned to Hannah how easy it would be for me to make other outfits for Abigail, her teddy bear named after one of our friends, the Farmers, little girls. (Interestingly enough she named something else lately and wanted to know the names of the other Farmer girls so she could use that name--she doesn't even really know them that well, either...go figure!) But ever since I told her that I could make outfits she has been after me to do it...and I mean after me!

Hannah only goes to half day Kindergarten so she and I have some good quality time together in the afternoons. So finally, I broke down and made her bear a dress today. It took some doing since I didn't have a pattern, but I think it turned out okay...not bad for having an almost 6 year old literally hanging on my machine asking a gazillion questions as I fenagled something on the fly that would hopefully turnout to resemble a dress! The fun thing is that I used this same fabric to make her a school skirt so she and Abi can now match for show and tell...oh to be able to get that excited about something so simple again! Perhaps I'll venture out and try something else for her bear from my ganormous totes full of scraps!
One last thing...Hannah was very concerned that people be able to see her ring she's hardly shows, but I told her I'd make sure people noticed that she's wearing a beautiful flower ring! She's almost as vain as her mommy!


Jill King said...

I think it would be great if all 4 of you (hannah, sarah, abi, and you) ALL had matching outfits. Be sure to take a picture for me! =)

Marsel & all said...

Ha...when we went to BAB recently, I was apalled at the outfit prices as well...and I thought about the fact that I could easily make some...but I wasn't crazy enough to mention that to the kids!!! :-)

Good's always inspiring to see someone else move from "think" to "do"!

Marsel & all said...