Monday, January 28, 2008

I did it again...this could be a habit forming here, people!

I finished another book...yep! Read it cover to cover! That's TWO in recent times, folks! And it'a a biography, too (well--sort of!) I've been challenged to read more biographies, but I have a hard time because my brain just gets bogged down in details that I don't find the list bit interesting or applicable. I suppose it's just my lack of acadamia--is that even a word!?! I'm not intellectual enough to wade through all the extras to get to the good stuff...I need someone to break it all down for me and give the important information that I care about. Enter John Piper's, The Hidden Smile of God. It's a book that someone was reading for a counselling class here at Northland--and it caught my interest. It is a biography of John Bunyan, William Cowper, and David Brainard. It was right up my ally, too, because it gives enough details of their lives while not going into what they ate for lunch each day and what time they had a doctor's appointment when they were 27! And it made application, too...which is what I liked best. William Cowper, the man who wrote There is a Fountain, was incredibly depressed most of his life. Piper drew conclusions from Cowper's experiences with deep depression that help one counsel those who are struggling with the same things.

I need people to connect dots for me...Piper did that very well in this book and even might have encouraged me to pick up another biography that contains a few more details...recommendations anyone...but go easy on me...I am still a stay at home mom of 3 who doesn't have much intellectual stimulation on any given day and might just give up reading all together if pushed too quickly! :-)

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If you liked Piper's biography on Cowper you would probably also enjoy other biographies he has written on great men of the faith.

Most if not all of the biographies he wrote grew out of messages he gave at his church's annual pastors' conference. You can hear or read the sermon versions here:

All of the biographies are fairly compact (they don't go into all the details) as well as making spiritual application.

And no, I don't work for Desiring God Ministries (John Piper's affiliated ministry).

John Piper's wife, Noel, has also written a biographical book on women of the faith. See here: