Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Confirmed, Plausible, or Busted!

It doesn't take too much of a Discovery Channel junkie to recognize those words are from Mythbusters, one of our family's favorite shows. Brent, Daniel and I love it, and Hannah would rather watch it in good company than be by herself, so we usually watch it as a family. So the kids were quite intrigued when I told them we were going to bust a myth! I have heard that if it's cold enough outside, water thrown into the air will freeze before it hits the ground. We tried it several different ways, but decided to stop short of blowing something up (much to the kids' dismay and not in keeping with true Mythbusters' fashion). It was right before church tonight so it wasn't as cold as it will be was about 2 degrees. Although the water was not frozen when it hit the cement steps, it was frozen in just a matter of seconds. It was quite amazing. Daniel and I decided that it's plausible--I might get up the nerve to go out in the morning since it's our last forecasted day of subzero actuals, and it's already at 9:30pm -3 actual! Brent told me he heard it had to be -50 actual before that would happen, so I hope to never confirm or bust that myth! Awww, the joys of living in the middle of the northern woods of least in the winter, we can always find an icicle to ward off the coyotes and mountain lions! :-)

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