Saturday, January 19, 2008

Can my baby really be one already?!?

We always let the kids choose what they want for their birthday meal, and since Sarah isn't old enough to let us know, I persuaded Brent that she would say, if she could, that her favorite meal was in town at the new McDonalds that the older 2 kiddos have been wanting to check out (mainly because it has video games instead of a play place--exactly how that fits in with all the hype McD's seems to be pushing lately about kids getting off the couch and getting physical, I don't quite understand. They replaced the playplaces where kids run themselves ragged with sedate, sit still while you move only your fingers video screens...go figure...but I digress!) Even though her birthday was really Friday, we had a meeting Friday night, so we celebrated it Saturday, and she didn't seem to mind at all. Try that next month with our soon to be 6 year old and it'll be different scenario, I guarantee it! But we had fun at McD's and even let the kids play the video games...but not until all those healthy fries were cleaned off those cheese covered wrappers from those nutritious burgers that they weren't able to exercise off after they ate...
Sarah really is a very happy baby...we've been blessed with 3 very pleasant babies, but she does seem to be the most happy but yet most determined and stubborn of the 3. Brent and I both agree that behind that sweet smile is an incredibly strong will we're already beginning to clash with! We're in for it, for sure!

We bought her a "walking toy" that converts to a ride-on toy once she gets a bit older. She loved it and took off right away surprising us all...but then she figured out it was easier to hold on to it and walk on her knees instead of walking upright...she's a long ways from walking on her own...but that's fine with me. Once she's walking, it's a whole new ball game! Some one told me they knew of a mom of twins and also several other children. Whenever the twins would start to try to crawl, the mom would push them flat onto their tummies to keep them from becoming mobile! (no, it wasn't' my friend, Carissa--although she might have done it if she had thought of it!)

My parents gave Sarah this sweet little bunny with a giggle box in its tummy. Daniel and Hannah loved to make it giggle for her. She even gave the bunny a hug and some "luvin!" She's all girl!

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Marsel & all said...

Happy birthday to Sarah...and early happy-birthday wishes to her mommy, too. :-)